Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 3/365 - Think I Got Everything

My friend Desiree decided we should have a little get-together to celebrate Oktoberfest today (she's good about coming up with things like this -- in July we celebrated Belgian Independence day by making Belgian dishes and drinking beer), so I grabbed my 'old lady' cart and walked over to Harris-Teeter to pick up the ingredients I needed for a bratwurst, sauerkraut, apple, and onion dish I found on epicurious.

I don't drive anymore and the old lady cart makes hauling the groceries home a lot easier. There really isn't much need for a car in this area. I can get pretty much everywhere I need to go either by walking or taking Metro, so about 9 years ago I sold my Jeep and then a couple years later I just let my license expire. People tend to look at you like you're the Unabomber or something when you tell them you don't have a driver's license, though. You might as well tell them you're from another planet.

It was my first time making this dish and it turned out to be pretty tasty. Here's the link to the recipe in case you'd like to try it. I took the advice of a couple of the commenters though and doubled the amount of bratwurst and used whole wheat flour instead of wondra, which I'd never heard of before and which the 'Teet' didn't carry.

(Taken with my Nikon Coolpix S200)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 2/365 - Take the Long Way Home

They let us off early today due to the holiday weekend (yay for Government jobs and Federal holidays), so I decided to take advantage of the great weather and walk home instead of taking the subway. It's 3.75 miles door-to-door and at my leisurely pace it generally takes me about 1:45 to get home.

It's a great walk --- down the National Mall, around the Tidal Basin, over the Potomac River, and up the Mt. Vernon Trail. Weather permitting, I try to walk home twice a week (although this week I was lazy and only walked once).

(Taken with my Nikon Coolpix S200)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 1/365 - Inauguration

For the inaugural shot of my 365 Project, I decided to use a self-portrait of me being silly in front of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC. My office is two blocks SW of the Capitol and although I've been working in DC for ten years now, seeing that gleaming white dome never gets old.

I've been toying with the idea of a 365 project for a while and thought I'd wait until a special occasion like New Year's Day or my birthday to start, but then I remembered that every day you're alive is a special occasion. Plus, after thinking about it I realized that today is the 14th anniversary of my honorable discharge from the Navy. I don't regret joining the Navy, but I don't regret leaving it either.

I figure my personal liberation day is definitely worth commemorating.

(Taken with my Nikon Coolpix S200)